Case study

HireGpt - Improving Candidates Scoring Technology

HireGpt is an AI-powered recruitment tool that uses GPT-4 to analyze resumes and screen applicants in seconds. However, the company was looking to improve its candidate scoring technology and backend support for different ATS systems. That's where ThinkAiAgency came in.

Scoring system for job applicants


HireGpt needed to improve its candidate scoring technology to better evaluate key categories such as skills, education, and experience for each vacancy. Additionally, they needed to ensure that their technology was properly integrated with different ATS systems, including Breezy and Workable.


ThinkAiAgency worked closely with HireGpt to improve their candidate scoring technology by customizing the importance of key categories for each vacancy. By doing so, HireGpt was able to more accurately evaluate candidates and provide better recommendations to employers.

Additionally, ThinkAiAgency helped HireGpt set up the backend support for different ATS systems by integrating the technology with Breezy and Workable. They also started work on integration with JazzHr, Lever, and Recrutiee.


Thanks to the work of ThinkAiAgency, HireGpt was able to improve its candidate scoring technology and streamline the recruitment process for employers. With the improved technology, HireGpt was able to provide more accurate recommendations to employers, which ultimately led to better hiring decisions. Additionally, the integration with different ATS systems allowed HireGpt to expand its reach and provide value to more customers.