Case study

ML Solution for Pika's Chatbot

Pika, a company that allows users to turn their knowledge base into a chat and create custom AI assistants, has partnered with ThinAiAgency to develop a machine learning solution for their chatbot.

Pika's chatbot


The challenge was to create a chatbot that could learn from the text of PDF files and URLs, and answer questions about a product. ThinAiAgency used natural language processing techniques to train the chatbot to understand user queries and provide accurate responses.


The ML solution developed by ThinAiAgency was integrated into Pika's chatbot, which allowed the chatbot to learn from the text in PDF files and URLs. The solution was also able to analyze the user's query and provide relevant responses based on the content of the PDF files and URLs.

The partnership between Pika and ThinAiAgency resulted in a chatbot that was able to provide accurate and relevant responses to user queries, making it easier for users to find the information they need. Pika's clients have been pleased with the chatbot's capabilities and the many uses they have found for it.

Overall, the collaboration between Pika and ThinAiAgency demonstrates the power of machine learning in improving chatbot functionality and making it easier for users to access information.